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In the following table, some members of the association have compiled the names of their ancestors for whom they have done special research or are still researching.

The table can be sorted by clicking on the column headings. The name of the member and the e-mail address for contacting them are displayed under Contact after clicking on the abbreviation.



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Ancestor Year from Year until Konfession Town Region Notes Contact
Homberg 1700 1900 evang. Barmen   before that Neviges? AU
Funke 1700 1850 evang. Nümbrecht     AU
Uebermuth 1700 1910 kath.   Niederschlesien   AU
Uebermuth 1900 1939 evang. Buer Westfalen   AU
Werner 1800 1900 evang. Wülfrath   after that Barmen AU
Gerhard 1800 1920 evang. Wuppertal   before that Voerde? AU
Gerhardts 1800 1920 evang. Wuppertal   before that Voerde? AU
Kauhaus 1767   rk Homberg im Bergischen, Neviges   Birth entry not to be found SW
Römer 1733   ref Elberfeld, Neviges     SW
Lehmann 1719     Ratingen     SW
Eimaus? ca. 1750     Homberg   died before 1815 in Homberg im Bergischen SW
Kauhaus 1795   ref Neviges Hardenberg   SW
Judick 1789   luth Neviges     SW
Glittenberg 1794   luth Velbert     SW
Müller 1743   rk Simmershausen Rhön   SW
Bott 1822   rk Simmershausen Rhön   SW
Labonte 1759   rk Arzbach, Nievern untere Lahn probably originally from Belgium, around Liège SW
Gabel 1828   rk Seelbach Westerwald   SW
Trimborn 1772   rk Zülpich Kreis Euskirchen later moved to Köln, than to Elberfeld SW
Rothe 1825   rk Wilgersdorf Reg.-Bez. Arnsberg   SW
Remmling 1774   rk Fürfeld Bad Kreuznach later moved to Solingen SW
Wiethaup 1641   rk Steinheim Westfalen, nahe Höxter   SW
Fürth     rk Wipperfürth     GKF
Flüg     rk Much     GKF
Grzella     rk Allenstein Ostpreußen   GKF
Aschauer     rk Berchtesgaden Bayern   GKF
Bartl     rk Murnau Bayern   GKF
Finkenrath     luth Wuppertal     GKF
Leyhe     luth Wuppertal     GKF
Leyhe     luth Twiste     GKF
Leckebusch     luth Wuppertal     GKF
Leckebusch     luth Sprockhövel     GKF
Behle     luth Wuppertal     GKF
Behle     luth Waldeck     GKF
Zimmermann     rk Wuppertal     GKF
Zimmermann     rk Olpe     GKF
Stamm     rk Olpe     GKF
Pfeil     luth/rk Wuppertal     GKF
Pfeil     luth/rk   Hessen   GKF
Clemens     rk Remscheid     GKF
Brümann     luth Wuppertal     GKF
Brühmann     luth Wuppertal     GKF
Hütt     luth Wuppertal     GKF
Tückmantel     luth Wuppertal     GKF
Vinz, Elfriede Anna 1893 1925 ref. Barmen (Wpt.)     AN
Vinz, Hugo (Zwilling) 1869 1945 ref. Barmen (Wpt.)   Twin brother wanted AN
Beil, Anna Rosalie 1871 1941 ref. Barmen (Wpt.)     AN
Vinz, Jacob 1813 1857 ref. Barmen (Wpt.)     AN
Vinz (?)       Gemünden, Kurhessen Hessen Place of origin unclear AN
Neuschaefer, Sophie 1815         Wife of Jacob Vinz, no more Data AN
Lohe, Johannes 1753 (ca.) 1802       Date of birth, place of birth/heir AN
Kötting, Maria Catharina ca. 1760 1818   Schwelm   Wife of Joh. Lohe; all data missing AN
Müggenburg   today all   worldwide   RM
Mügenburg   today all   worldwide   RM
Mögenburg   today all   worldwide   RM
Moegenburg   today all   worldwide   RM
Möggenburg   today all   worldwide   RM
Moegenburg   today all   worldwide   RM
Müggenborg   today all   worldwide   RM
Everts 1640 heute evang./dissident. Solingen Bergisches Land widely ramified ID
Dreger 1776 today evang. Buskow Brandenburg search for connection to Stenbock Adel in Estonia ID
Arendt 1846 today evang. Danzig Danzig   ID
Achenbach 1901 today evang. Klein Gladenbach   just started ID
Blanckenscheuer     ev. Düssel, Mettmann     GC
Fänger     ev. Mettmann, Wülfrath     GC
Grotenbeck     ev. Sonnborn     GC
Hermes     ev. Haan, Solingen   from Katternberg and Küllenberg GC
Heyderhoff     ev. Haan     GC
Hildesheim     ev. Büttinghausen (Wiehl)   also Hiltesheim/Hillesheim GC
Hörster     ev. Wald, Haan     GC
Kölcker     ev. Solingen, Mettmann     GC
Kratz     ev. Haan     GC
Lütgen(s)     ev. Gräfrath     GC
Schwaferts     ev. Wald, Sonnborn     GC
Schwarte     ev. Wald   also Schwarz GC
Zieles     ev. Sonnborn   auf der Bies GC
Conrads     ev. Solingen     GC
Grahe     ev. Solingen     GC
Korten     ev. Sonnborn     GC
Möbbeck     ev. Sonnborn     GC
Rührig     ev. Solingen     GC
Stöcker     ev. Sonnborn     GC
Wundes     ev. Solingen     GC
Wahlefeld     ev, kath   worldwide anytime CW
Baukloh     ev   worldwide anytime CW
Hüttebräucker     ev Kierspe etc.     CW
Wehner     ev Kierspe     CW
Bisterfeld     ev Bergneustadt     CW
Nockemann     ev Bergneustadt     CW
Radenheuser     ev Kierspe     CW
Kuhbier     ev Kierspe     CW
Funke     ev Meinerzhagen     CW
Audoyer           Hugenotten CW
Pommaret           Hugenotten CW
Weyland     ev Lieberhausen     CW
Nockemann     ev Lieberhausen     CW
Lüsebrinck     ev Meinerzhagen     CW
Stahlschmidt     ev Meinerzhagen     CW