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Genealogical links:

A comprehensive information about all Archives in NRW
alle archives in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Digitised civil status records from North Rhine-Westphalia

The departments of Rhineland und East Westphalia-Lippe of the Landesarchiv NRW have digitised a large number of civil status records and put them online now. Until the completion of a new website and the restructuring of data access, the digitised records can be viewed here:

DigitHistArchivKoeln.jpg The digital Historical Archives Köln in cooperation with the Historical Cologne City Archive has received digital records from the LAV Rheinland as a replacement for the losses caused by the collapse of the Cologne City Archive, which can be viewed in the digital reading room. The civil status records can be accessed under "Archivgut des Landesarchiv NRW".
In addition, the records collected through a joint project with the Verein für Computergenealogie e. V. and the Westdeutsche Gesellschaft für Familienkunde e. V. can already be searched online: Death certificates, name registers of death books.


Verein für ComputergenealogieThe Der Deutsche GenealogieserverVerein für Computergenealogie operates the Genealogy Server, the largest genealogy server in the German-speaking world. In addition to a wide range of information on genealogy mailing lists are also operated there, some of which are open lists such as the list Bergisches Land.

The Mormons familiysearch .org(Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) have filmed many church records and offer these data for online searching.

Historical Links:Der Bergische Geschichtsverein

The Bergische Geschichtsverein itself maintains a number of regional sections. Have a look for yourself::

Other Links:

ZeitspurensucheOn the interesting homepage ZeitSpurenSuche Marina Mutz offers not only her genealogy but also a lot of interesting facts about the Bergisches Land. A look “over the fence” is also recommendable.
This is a site by Uli Schubert with interesting information on municipalities and districts from Germany and a special section on the Bergisches Land.


Zeitungsportal NRW Newspaper portal NRW

Discover historical newspapers from North Rhine-Westphalia! The project, sponsered by the state of NRW, digitises local newspapers from NRW in the period 1801-1945 and presents them to the general public in this newspaper portal in an ongoing expansion.
Examples: Barmer Wochenblatt, Elberfelder Intelligenzblatt.
Further digital newspapers are linked in the GenWiki.

Emigrants from the Rhineland (19th century)
The LAV NRW has put the data of the "Emigrants CD" online as a finding aid in form of 5 PDF files.

Further Links:

On the homepage you will find a variety of other links on genealogical topics and also on the subject of presentation on a website.

Bergisch Platt is an interesting site about the language world on the Rhine, Ruhr and Wupper with a lot of information about the language borders in the Rheinish, Bergish and Westphalian areas.


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