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Datenpool_Logo.gifBy useing the following link you can reach the Bergischer Datenpool directly from this page.

The data pool is intended in particular to offer the possibilities of including findings by chance from other parishes of persons who, however, have a connection to the Bergisches Land.

Also, the remaining parish register entries from a page received on request can be stored there for further searching.

Similarly, family researchers whose genealogy is also wholly or partly in the Bergisches Land area can make their data available so that other researchers can find similarities or points of contact through the search facility.

The Registration and participation in the data pool by sending in data is free of charge and not bound to the membership in the association.

We wish you much fun and success in your search in the Bergischer Datenpool!

Data pool cup:Der Datenpool-Becher

Currently (as of September 2019), the Bergische Data Pool contains approximately 412.500 records of persons.

We had offered a data pool mug for reaching a new 100.000 mark. These have been received:

The 200.000 data pool mug went to Ursula Haas from Gummersbach, whom we congratulate,

The 300.000 data pool cup has been awarded. Congratulations to Josef Schneider from Much.

The 400.000 data pool cup has been awarded. Congratulations to Friedrich Werninghaus from Wermelskirchen. He is also the front runner in terms of the size and scope of his file with 65.021 personal records.



News on the website:

21.06.2021 Index to Birthregister Ronsdorf 1810-1910
16.06.2021 Funzel Issue Nr. 104 online
04.05.2021 Index to Marriage Register Ronsdorf
01.05.2021 English page set up
15.03.2021 Mapping church records Nümbrecht, ev.ref.
2008 Berg. Datenpool established
2004 first Website online

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